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Demand of perfection

Regia Style designs and produces exceptional furniture and fittings for contemporary or classic interiors.


Regia Style conçoit et réalise des agencements et du mobilier d’exception pour les intérieurs contemporains ou classiques.

Bespoke services

Prestige furniture

Regia Style is specialist in hand carved and gilded wood, the skills of our workers allow to us manufacture the finest models for the most demanding customers.


We manufacture from existing models or creations. The possibilities of customizations are limitless.

Catalog on request.

Outstanding layout

Regia Style puts its know-how at the service of your interior design projects. Combining tradition and modern techniques allows us to realize all types of custom-made arrangements such as wood paneling, walk-in closet and doors in a classic or contemporary style.

We work with the same passion on residential, commercial or hotel projects, both in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Modular Panels

The Modular Panels range is a modular layout solution for walls.
The panels are made in standard adjustable dimensions which simplifies the study and the realization and facilitates the installation.

Using the traditional codes, the Modular panels range adapts to all interior styles.

Brochure on request



Regia Style meets the most demanding requests of its customers on prestigious sites mainly for export but also in France.


A study conducted with rigor, the use of noble materials, the attention to detail and an irreproachable level of completion allow the realization of refined decorations that subdue visitors.


Our experience allows the implementation of a well-established logistics that relies on a mobile professional team for the realization of the most ambitious projects.


Delivered projects

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7-13 rue des tonneliers

81200 Mazamet, France


Tél : 05 63 97 04 33

Fax : 05 63 61 21 06

SARL Regia Style

7-13, rue des tonneliers

81200 Mazamet - FRANCE

Tél. +33 563 97 04 33  Fax +33 563 61 21 06

FR 38 504 683 863 - SIRET 504 683 86300022

RCS de Castres (Tarn)

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